Hydra Probe
The product measures moisture, electric conductivity/salinity, and temperature of the soil. In addition, it also calculates the supply voltage needed for the digital output and RS485 connected soil/EC sensor.

Hydro Probe Soil Sensor allows users to use the digital output and measure 21 soil parameters simultaneously without any problem. Aside from the measurement of moisture, electric conductivity/salinity, and temperature, the sensor also provides other kinds of measurement data for research purpose.
Product Characteristics
Real time measurement of soil moisture/EC/temperature
Show the most optimal measurement based on the soil parameters
Proven technology in agriculture field with 10-year experience
Performance verified even for high salinity soil
Easily check soil data and flow in real time
Main Features
Instant sensor response
Serial connection with several sensors
No maintenance required
Could be used in any kinds of soil without any problem
Compatible with any data logger system
Analog and digital output methods available
Come with 5-year warranty
Product Specification
- Operating temperature : In soil: freezing to +55
Standard : -10~ +55
Extended : -33~ +55
- Storage temperature : -40 ~ +55
- Made of stainless steel and PVC housing for vibration and shock prevention
** Caution **
During the installation of EC sensor, make sure to stick the surface of the sensor to the soil properly.
First dig the ground until the desired depth and place the sensor probes into it.
Set the surface of the sensor housing and the soil surface for measurement in parallel. In other words, the sensor surface has to be mounted perpendicularly with the soil surface.

The sensor could not measure accurately if it is set up diagonally with the soil because this creates a gap between the sensor probes and the soil. This gap could cause different densities of the surrounding soil and the sensor location.
Measurements Range Accuracy
Dielectric Constant 1 to 80 where:
1 = air
80 = distilled water
1.5% or 0.2 whichever is typically greater
Soil Moisture for inorganic and mineral soil From completly dry to fully saturated 0.01 WFV for most soils
0.03 max for fine textured soils
Temperature -10 to +55 C
Extended temperature range probe available
-30 to +55 C, please contact Stevens for details
0.3 C
* Accuracy may vary with some soil textures
Electrical Operation
Electrical 9-20 VDC
Communication Protocol Custom or open spec
Maximum Suggested Cable Length 1,219 meters / 4,000 ft
(max. non-spliced 304.8 m / 1,000 ft )
Cable 4-wire: power, ground, com+, com-
Power <10 mA idle / 30 mA active
Baud Rate 9600
Intersensor Variability 0.012 WFV ( m3 m-3)
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